Friday, 30 November 2007

Unique Australian goodies

What goodies would you miss from Australia if you moved away? Whilst we can readily source tim tams and vegemite there are a few lesser known items that we really would like to be able to buy here. When Andrew travelled back to Oz he picked up a number of things we've missed including: mint slices, chocolate montes, gravox, dettol, milo, violet crumbles, SM33 teething gel (no colours or flavours), nurofen gel and dunlopillo pillows. Thanks to Rhonda for the Haighs chocolate.

At we can source many things of these things at a slightly higher price. But sending chocolate biscuits through the mail between June and October is not a good thing. Also the cost of the meat pies and sausage rolls is prohibitive!


Julie said...

I've bought really good meat pies and sausage rolls from a bakery in Georgia;

Shipping is a bit expensive, but if you order 2 dozen (frozen) at a time it doesn't increase the cost per item too much. But avoid the lamingtons - they're good, but have to be packed in a large container for their size, so VERY expensive. Much more fun to make yourself anyway.

channah said...

you should try buying aluminum free deodorant in NZ - its NOWHERE!!!