Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Where are the roses?

We are having some rose issues.

Our magnificent rose bush seems to be dying. It has black spot but it also seems to have a disease killing the stems. It has produced 19 roses over the past 2 weeks but none have been the long lasting sweet smelling blooms of last year. There are a couple more buds to bloom but that is all there is. I am so sad!

On the other hand, all our other rose bushes are doing tremendously well. The white climbing roses (left) are about the bloom furiously. Our delicate pink rose bush had about 30 roses on it. Here's where the problem comes in - a deer ate about 25 of them on Saturday night. It just bit the whole rose head off cleanly! Last year our neighbour told us that a deer had eaten his roses and frankly I didn't really believe that we had deer around here (and that they could jump a 6 foot fence but evidentally they will do so for some beautiful pink and yellow roses). The red roses are still doing well but I'm sure the hungry deer will be back in a few days to eat those as well. I'm enjoying looking at them while they last.

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