Monday, 16 January 2012

Lynda & Keegan's Visit

It's been a busy four days as Lynda & Keegan visited us from Canada. They are on their way back to Buffalo now and I'm sure their eardrums are quite happy to be away from the noise of the chidlers.

We visited the Aquarium, made crafts at the Hardware store and went to church together. L & K did plenty of shopping as well as playing games with the kids (Lynda was forced to play some unintelligible bracelet game with Lucy which always resulted in Lucy winning)

We ate well and Andrew cooked us some gourmet gf pizzas for lunch today. We talked weddings and did some craft stuff for their engagement party.

And a special treat - Lucy got to try on flowergirl dresses while Lynda wore her wedding dress. We are sworn to secrecy on the dresses. However I will say that they both looked beautiful and neither dress was orange (as predicted by Lucy).

We are looking forward to seeing them at the wedding in Sydney in July!

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