Friday, 29 April 2011

Andrew's birthday

Andrew's last day off work was also his birthday. We celebrated with presents, food and fun.

Lucy and HEnry headed off to preschool and when Andrew arrived home he went back to bed and napped until it was time to pick them up again (3 hours!)

He received lots of presents including a hammock, a griddle for the bbq, a tshirt that says 'i void warranties', a board game called Airships, a teapot and a star trek pizza cutter.

For lunch we had lamb gyros and for dinner we had lamb cutlets followed by a pavlova. Due to scheduling difficulties he had to cook his own dinner.

Andrew and Lucy made fresh strawberry ice cream from the strawberries we picked at Lewis farms the day before.

He says that he had a very fun day!

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chan said...

Yay! glad it was a lovely day - and to be on holidays for it - woot!!!