Monday, 11 April 2011

Lucy's 5th birthday party

Lucy had a very fun flamingo party to celebrate her upcoming 5th birthday. We even put some flamingos in our front yard.

Although it was supposed to be hot and sunny, it turned out to be cold and cloudy but it didn't rain! (So I ended up with a super clean house afterwards and being 38 weeks pregnant I didn't feel the cold at all)

We set up the bouncy house in the backyard and the kids played on the swings and in the sandpit.

Then we painted ladybug moneyboxes (the party favours) which kept the kids quiet for a good 15 minutes.

For lunch we ate wood-fired pizza, blackberries, fairy bread and chips washed down with flamingo juice. This was followed by flamingo cupcakes.

Henry loves the pizza oven and always spends lots of time near the fire trying to help.

Lucy says a big thank you to her friends Lilia, Grace, Karlie, Ava, Emma M, Samantha, Emma P, and Emma T for making her party so much fun!

After naps Lucy opened her presents and to much delight found lots of craft projects to do.

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chan said...

Oh my goodness!!!!
how fast has the last 5 years gone... i remember you being pregnant at our wedding!!