Monday, 28 November 2011

It's Christmas time!

Lots of fun things have been happening in our house!

We spent the weekend decorating the house for Christmas. We all went to the local park and picked a tree. Then we decorated it whilst drinking hot chocolates.

Andrew and Henry started putting up lights on the outside of the house (the first time we have done this). The job isn't finished because the helper kept climbing the ladder or running away.

However it all felt sort of strange, in a fun way, because it was hot! I think it was 78 degrees which is about 25 celsius. So it sort of felt like we were in Australia.

We blasted 'Joy to the world' through the speakers and we enjoyed a lamb roast dinner. Flissy especially enjoyed sucking on a slab of lamb and protested loudly when it was taken from her.

Looking forward to more Christmas festivities in the next few weeks.

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