Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pizza Oven Progress

Thanks Erika for your comment last week! We found it quite amusing that Alex remembers us by the pizzas. Alas despite my best harassment of Andrew the pizza oven plans are simple that - plans. In fact the plans still need some work done to them. Once completed I can then source bricks and other materials and get prices! We are going to do things right way around this time by completing a budget so that we don't end up with a pizza oven AND a very expensive deck. We are also going to do the pizza oven in stages. The basics first and then expand later depending on how long we are here for. The other component to the plans includes a bbq. We still don't have a bbq!! I don't know how we survived last summer but we are definitely getting one this year (for Andrew's birthday).

So stay tuned about the Wilmington branch of Andrew's pizza it may be a long time coming!


cafedave said...

I wore my "Andrew's Pizza" shirt to sunday school. One of the kids asked me what it was, and then others in the group explained it. They then asked if you guys will move back to your old house, 'cause it would be a shame to lose that oven - they were remembering the good times.

If you build a pizza oven in Wilmington, the locals might not let you leave!

erika said...

David mentioned the other day that he "will have to get around to building a pizza oven"!!!! Would you recommend the book you guys had? (And if so, what was it called?)