Monday, 10 March 2008

Weekend time

Yesterday was the start of daylight savings for us so we lost an hour of sleep and a number of people were late for church! So if you're in Sydney you can work out the time in Wilmington by subtracting 3 hours and reversing the am/pm. So if you're reading this at 9am Sydney time, it will be 6pm the night before in Wilmington. Or you can just check the clock on this blog!

Given Lucy's stomach flu we stayed home on Saturday. We were all exhausted after a difficult week of cleaning up poo and working late (you can guess who did what). We ordered some more plants for the backyard and we can't wait for April when they will be shipped to us.

Sunday we spent all day at church as we had a meeting after church to talk about some issues.

We are all ready for bed!

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