Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Product of the week - Melba toast

I have a couple of new cookbooks - American ones of course (which I will tell you about another time) So some of the ingredients are unfamiliar to me eg Melba toast. I recently made some crunchy pork chops that were baked in the oven. One of the ingredients for the crunchy crust was melba toast. I couldn't find melba toast at the supermarket so substituted in some savoury crackers. Then one day whilst meandering around the aisles I looked up and saw melba toast on the top shelf. They are just like toasted biscuits so nothing particularly special but they taste good.

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erika said...

you can make your own melba toast by thinly slicing stale bread and cooking in the oven on low until it is dried out and crispy but not coloured. It used to be "in" here too, I think in our grandparents era - used for having with dips and cheese logs and stuff.