Thursday, 19 June 2008


We're off on another summer adventure, this time to Washington DC. It should be a 6 hour drive which is about the same time it took to the Outer Banks. However this trip we are driving on interstate roads at 70mph so it is further away. To stop, revive, survive we are stopping at a few civil war battlesites along the way. We're looking forward to seeing the White House, eating Ethiopian food and visiting the National Herb Garden for some tips.

We applied for some behind the scenes tours through our Senator's office and yesterday we received an email response - we were 'denied' a White House tour (ie they were full) but were 'accepted' for a Capitol tour. We meet at Senator Dole's office and head off from there (though I'm sure she won't be the one giving the tour).

See you in July!

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I love to read your thoughts on our life in the US.