Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Product of the week: Weber

Andrew finally got his birthday present, a new Weber grill (bbq). He was very excited to try it out and had some lamb chops cooking within an hour of receiving it. We did a lot of research into grills and it seems that to get anything that won't rust within one season you need to spend some dollars. We heard lots of good things about Webers so we bought this one from Lowes and had them put it together for us. Lucy decorated it with lots of happy birthday crepe paper. For the past 4 weeks she has not stopped saying 'happy birthday' often breaking out in song to wish 'dear lucy' a happy birthday. I'm lucky if she only says it 25 times a day. She obviously enjoyed her birthday VERY MUCH! In any case, the birthday for Andrew lives on as he enjoys his new toy, the first component of the 'outdoor grilling area with a woodfired pizza oven'

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Lisa said...


niccccccccceee.. wish we could come over for a bbq...

i tried to email you the other day but it just came back saying it didnt go thru..