Monday, 16 June 2008

Weekend quarantine

Lucy was out of sorts on Friday so she was shipped off to the doctor. 2 and a half hours later she was diagnosed with sand gnat bites and sent home. That afternoon green goo started oozing from her eye. After another 2 hours at the doctor on Saturday morning, with a belly full of Cracker Barrel blueberry pancakes, she was diagnosed with an ear infection and conjunctivitis (hence the quarantine). It is the same ear from the other week so she is on stronger antibiotics than before and has to have eye drops three times a day. It is not fun putting 2 drops in each eye of a 2 year old! Thankfully Lucy has not shown signs of the predicted diarrhea and vomiting but her eye is looking good now.

So we missed gymnastics and strawberry/blueberry/blackberry picking. But we had fun at home and did lots of gardening (ie weeding and mulching) so the main bed out the front is looking ALOT better. We still don't have enough mulch though. We used 11 bags and covered half the bed. We are thinking of getting a truck to deliver a ton to make it more economical to do the rest of the beds.

We also celebrated Fathers Day on Sunday! Andrew got a cup of tea in bed and after a little reluctance from Lucy he was given some presents (various salts including Peruvian pink, a salt mouse to serve the salt and an All Clad saucepan). Andrew and Lucy played in the sandpit together and then cooked lemon ricotta fritters with lemon curd dipping sauce. They were awesome! They are kind of like mini round doughnuts with a lemon zing to them. Lucy had fun sifting the flour and eating the lemon curd.

Now Andrew is in Boston again. It's another crazy week and then we head off on holidays on Friday.

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