Monday, 20 April 2009

Weekend cleanup

Last week after parking the car in the garage Lucy and I, as is customary, got out of the car and tried to walk into the house. The problem? The mountain of cardboard boxes saved for pizza oven fire lighting had grown so large and unwieldly that we could hardly get past. Plus there was lots of other junk lying around. So on Saturday I spent a few hours attacking the cardboard mountain and finally got it into a neat pile. I also swept the garage and cleaned up (see picture left, I wish I had taken a before picture!). Andrew was then inspired to clean his workshop corner a little as well. Then he got back to tiling the pizza oven table.

Saturday night saw us at Nigel & Kellie's for a bonfire. Steve played the guitar and we roasted marshmallows until Lucy had a meltdown (due to no afternoon nap! she spent 1.5 hours in bed reading but didn't sleep) We enjoyed hotdogs, potato salad and a diabetic friendly green salad.

Sunday saw us at church followed by a working lunch at our place. All the guys came over to make cables whilst Andrew got the pizza oven fired up. The oven got to 440 degrees celsius! I gave strict instructions that no copper wire offcuts were to be thrown on the ground and Andrew assures me that clean up was thorough. For those following the pizza thread he reported an interesting pizza combination from Forrest worth keeping: sausage, artichokes, basil, spinach, and tomatoes.

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