Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Product of the Week - Pigs Feet

This probably isn't the most appetising way to start the month! Whilst shopping in Harris Teeter (Coles equivalent) we surprisingly came across a jar of pickled pigs feet.

Pigs Feet.

Edible Pigs Feet.

According to Wikipedia "Pickled pigs feet are usually consumed as something of a snack or a delicacy rather than as the primary focus of a meal as its meat course, although this is not a universal rule. If proper refrigeration is available, any unused portion can be kept in the jar for several days after it is opened. Often they will be consumed with crackers. Although long available commercially, particularly in grocery stores catering to consumers who are likely to have a preference for them, it seems that consumption of this product has declined in recent years due to changing tastes, health concerns, and the ready availability of other snacks."

We obviously live in an area that appreciates this sort of delicacy.

It is too gross to post a picture. If you want to see a jar then google it!

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cafedave said...

wow. that's quite scary.