Friday, 18 July 2008

A different kind of normal

I mentioned at the end of the Williamsburg blog that things were getting back to normal. Well a sort of normal. This is what 'normal' looks like over the past few days:

Tuesday night - Andrew visits a friend having some issues. Whilst there another friend is in a minor car accident so they go to help out and put a tarp on the car.

Wednesday - Andrew leaves for work at 7am and gets home at 7pm. Potty training starts for Lucy. Drop over to Gabriel's to give him a birthday present. Get home. Lucy pees in toilet 6 times during the day. Pees on floor 4 times. Poops on floor once. Ava comes over to play. Lucy and Ava take turns using the toilet. Invite Margaret and Ava to stay for dinner. Cook dinner. Eat dinner. Clean house. From 8pm-10pm Andrew digs out grass from the driveway so that concrete can be laid in the morning.

Thursday - Andrew leaves for a prayer group at 6:15am and gets back at 8am. Waits for concrete guy to turn up. He's running late so Andrew heads for work. Lucy pees on the floor after breakfast. We get ready for a pool party. UPS guy turns up with outdoor furniture. Lumber delivery truck arrives. Dilemma as to whether forklift will fit through gate. It does. Lucy plays with Ava on the swing while lumber guy is working. Takes 45 minutes to get lumber into place. Then since we are only 1 hour late we head off to a pool party in Castle Hayne. Play in pool. Pat horse and get a shock from the electric fence that was supposed to be off. Pick blueberries and one of the children steps on a beehive and gets bitten 5 times. All kids start crying and pandemonium ensues as we deal with a bitten child and mother. Drive home and get lunch on the way. Lucy pees on the floor of the lunch place. Eat lunch at home. Lucy sleeps and I blog. Builder expected this afternoon. Cooking a lamb roast tonight. Andrew is going out with friends afterward etc etc

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