Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Product of the week: Hamburger Helper

I haven't purchased this product so I am relying on Wikipedia to provide you the details. Once you've read the description below you will understand why the packet remains on the shelf of Food Lion.

"Hamburger Helper is a brand of boxed meal product produced by General Mills and sold under its Betty Crocker brand. It consists of a starch (most often pasta, but also rice or potatoes) and specially measured dried sauce packets separated in a single box. The remaining ingredients must be provided by the consumer. The consumer browns the hamburger meat in a skillet and then adds water, noodles, milk and the seasoning packet(s) to create the complete dish. There is as well an "instant" version of Hamburger Helper which contains dehydrated meat, noodles and seasonings in a small pouch — instead of adding meat, milk and water, the consumer only needs to add a small amount of water to a bowl containing the helper pouch contents."

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cafedave said...

yke. rehydrated meat... so convenient, but so wrong!