Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Product of the week: Jell-o

When I think of the word Jell-o I think of jelly, that artificially bright-coloured rubbery substance that could almost bounce. Well Jell-0 does sell that sort of product but their range is much wider than that. Today's featured packet is coconut cream pudding. You just add 2 cups of milk to the packet mix, whisk for 2 minutes and then wait 5 minutes and your dessert is ready. With some left over pastry I made some mini pie shells and filled them with this jell-o. Andrew did a blind taste test and concluded that the pies were very good. I then informed him that he had eaten a whole lot of sugar followed by mono and diglycerides, yellow 5, yellow 6, and sodium metabisulfite (retains coconut whiteness). Admittedly there is coconut in there as well but overall two thumbs down on the ingredients list. The packet screams that it is a "good source of calcium as prepared" (ie the milk you add will give you calcium) so you are probably better off just having a glass of the white stuff on its own. Though it did taste ok it had nothing on Jestine's coconut cream pies from Charleston.

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