Wednesday, 9 April 2008

1 year later

We made it! We have lived in the United States of America for 365 days (though a little less for Andrew due to his quick trip back to Oz). We are still asked by Americans what we find different about living here versus living in Australia. The answer is quite simply everything. Whilst in some ways it is very similar there isn't a day that goes by that we don't feel like aliens. It's in the small everyday things of life that differences occur.

Here are some of the differences we've encountered:

  • using inches, feet, miles, ounces, pounds and farenheit

  • driving on the other side of the road

  • corn syrup

  • different pronounciations (eg 'erbs' for 'herbs')

  • words with different meanings (eg telling someone to put something on the bench in the kitchen will be met with quizzical looks)

  • free shipping

  • cheap electronics

  • obsession with new consumer goods

  • big gas-guzzling cars

  • no foothpaths and no walking

  • Southern friendliness

  • lack of public transportation

  • ridiculous formality for visiting friends

  • culinary ignorance (are these pine nuts?)

  • bulk buying
and the list goes on...


Carrie said...

Ok,I'm always curious - what IS the bench in the kitchen?

kel said...

it seems like a whole other world some days...

Andrew, Fiona and Lucinda said...

i dicovered that benches = counters

Carrie said...

Counters. Ok. I found your blog just before you moved I think. Some posting about traveling with children. Shortly, after that my husband and I drove through Wilmington after going to the beach at Top Sail. (Which sounded like everyone was calling it Top Soil!) I've kept reading and really enjoy it. Thanks.