Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I spoke too soon...

...the Tribeca is STILL at the mechanic so Andrew continues to revel in fact that he is driving the Outback. Apparently some fuse has blown and each time it is replaced it blows again, so they are looking for the real problem.

Lucy is starting gymnastics tomorrow. This is to help her learn how to jump. The latest effort is standing on tippy toes, arms reaching for the stars and grunting. Despite the effort she's not leaving the floor!

Product of the week will resume next week. I ran out stored up blog entries and haven't been to Walmart since. In fact I've decided except for dire emergency not to go to Walmart ever again. I watched the documentary called 'The high price of low price' and was astounded at the exploitation of the Walmart staff, the Chinese factory workers, and the environment. As a consumer if you can buy things so cheaply there and nowhere else you have to ask how are they doing it. They are killing main street America and small independent businesses. Conversely Disneyland has built a main street in their theme park in Florida to preserve this piece of history!

Enough miscellaneous musings. Thanks to everyone that commented or sent emails, I feel loved again. And although we may be celebrating Anzac day with gusto we aren't going back to Oz anytime soon, but thanks for asking Channah.

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PHOTO said...

I'm glad to see someone else that feels the same as I do about walmart.