Friday, 18 April 2008

this crazy American life (with added summer heat)

We have a new fridge. New in the sense that it came straight from the factory to us but old in the sense that it looks, and is, exactly same as the old one. The new one however does its job cooling the food. The bar fridge ('compact fridge') will be moved into the garage and the deep freezer will be emptied in anticipation of a whole lamb we are planning to order (an organic dorper lamb from a NC farm). Interesting the fridge delivery guy thought our flag was the New Zealand flag. How would he know the New Zealand flag and not the Australian flag?? [No offense to our Kiwi friends and family]

Everyday seems to be crazy busy. This morning Lucy and I were out checking on our 'Hands on Wilmington' project for tomorrow and then went to mom's group. Andrew is at work and due to a power outtage is coming home a little early today. This is great as he has been working so much this week he has hardly seen Lulu. He is picking up the car from the mechanic (they are fixing whatever they broke last week) and then we are going to put the sprinkler out in the backyard. It is 85 degrees and I guess spring is over and we are into summer!!!!!

So we should have 2 problems fixed and hopefully some of the other ones will also be over soon.

On a side note Andrew got an Outback as the loaner car (he was so excited!) The tribeca is an awesome car but it feels like driving a spaceship. The impreza is also awesome but so small here that it feels like driving a go-kart. The outback is somewhere in between but it has a lot more shortcomings than Andrew could remember. I showed him that it has far less space than the tribeca (ie Lucy would kick the seat in front mercilessly), no GPS and no reversing camera (a luxury I know!). It also has a small boot. Anyway he is giving it back today and will drive the tribeca tomorrow so we'll see what he thinks. Personally I love driving the impreza during the day so I am enjoying it now as we when we get back to Oz there is no way we could have one (insurance cost, stolen every other week etc)

That's all, off to frolic in the backyard!

PS Why doesn't anyone comment anymore?? Take a minute and say hi!


Julie said...



erika said...

I'm with you, no one ever comments on my blog anymore either! I wonder if anyone is still reading out there!!!!!

Julie said...

It might just be because more people are using feed readers. I think I comment less because it involves going to the blog page and then logging in to google. And then you don't notice a comment conversation, because it doesn't come up in the feed.

Lame I know.

PHOTO said...

Hi. I check your blog often to see your comments on our US life. It's nice to get a different opinion.

cafedave said...

reading via feed readers makes it harder to keep commenting, but I think people are in a phase of commenting less.

channah said...

this isnt just cos you said to... i've just noticed in your last 4 posts or so you have been talking about Oz... you going back??

Katrinajulie said...

HIYA!!!! Only 136 days till you see me!! Bet you can't wait, I know I can't. xxxxxxx

p.s. NO ONE EVER COMMENTS ON MY BLOG!!!!! (except ma & pa)

Carrie said...

I ask questions rather than comment, but I read regularly. Enjoy the warm. Aside from today it seemed as though February would never end. (Yes, March was just more of February.)