Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's January 30 and I still haven't posted all the wonderful videos of our Christmas lights! In fact some of the lights are still up on the house as Andrew hasn't had a chance to take them down (he had to build storage shelves first!)

We have had some unusually warm weather (75/25 degree days) and some unusually cold days too (27/-2 degree days).  What a roller coaster but it has been amazing to go to the beach a few times with the kids even braving the water. They loved getting out on the sand and running and running.  But even better was a spa bath afterwards.

We've been to Raleigh and back, enjoying some good gluten free Lebanese food along the way as well as visiting the lego store.  Lego is the new craze in our house and the dining room has been retitled 'the lego room'.

Lucy is reading chapter books voraciously and sometimes she doesn't speak to us for hours. I am loving this bookworm business. Henry celebrated his half birthday and now "all the chidlers are the same age!" ie all halves

There is lots of planning going on - for birthdays, vacations, and other projects.  So while there doesn't look like much is going on there is a lot of thinking happening.

We just celebrated Australia Day with lamingtons, lamb, ANZAC biscuits, pavlova and vegemite.  Now we are up for making valentines (42 of them between Henry and Lucy)

Thank you to the Martins and both grandparents for all the Australia Day goodies.  We had a fabulous time eating all the passionfruit. (Well not all, we have saved some for my birthday!)