Sunday, 21 October 2012

18 months old

Felicity turned 18 months old on Friday.  So we celebrated with strawberry ice cream and pink crepe paper decorations. Here are some fun things about her.

  • Things she loves include: holding hands, cuddling with dad, ice cream, cuddles with mum, playing peekaboo, carrying her preschool bag, getting muddy and eating dirt, snakes, balloons, wearing hair bows, getting her hair brushed, and dancing
  • Can climb a rock wall, walk down stairs, can sign more, please and one God
  •  Loves Willa her bunny
  •  Is still very smiley, has very curly hair and very crooked teeth (expensive dental work ahead) 
  • She is very independent. If she can do something by herself she will and will not accept any help.
  • Loves to blow raspberries and give high fives via our secret family handshake
One thing is agreed - we all love our Flissy.

Friday, 5 October 2012


If we didn't have a house we could live in jail.... and eat snakes.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Other fun in Sydney

So this is the end of my blogging about Sydney, and indeed our trip in general.

Of course there was so much more that happened. We had dinner with old school friends, dinner with accounting friends (and now there are so many kids), sat around and drank tea, talked with family and friends, drank coffee from grind, packed, slept, washed clothes, drank more coffee from grind, visited our house and neighbours...

We had an amazing time.  But it was a gruelling journey and the jetlag was extremely bad.  The black circles under my eyes in many photos is evidence of this.  So I say all this to preface that we may not be back for a while.

Write some comments Sydney friends. We miss you. Come visit.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gluten free dining in Sydney

We ate so much wonderful food whilst in Sydney (and Hawaii for that matter) Of course I did a lot of research to find awesome gluten free food.  And we were not disappointed.

High end restaurants:
  • DARE (The Rocks)
  • Mad Mex (Darling Harbour)
  • Iku (Martin Place)
  • The Hatters Cafe (Katoomba)
  • Brioche (Balmain)
  • Vanto (QVB)
  • Rowies Cakes (Marrickville)
  • QVB Tea Room 
Loved Rowies Cakes and bought her cookbook. So far I've cooked 5 things from it and no one has liked any of them!