Monday, 28 January 2008

Australia Day (but not a long) Weekend

We celebrated a cold and wet Australia Day at Outback Steakhouse!!!! Of course they had no idea that it was Australia Day but that didn't stop 25 of us getting together for an 'Aussie meal'. Lucy and Rory waved their flags, bunted a balloon and scoffed down chips from their highchairs. We all got dressed up - Lucy in an Aussie shirt, Fiona in a Hawthorn shirt and Andrew in an Australian Open shirt. The group had been thinking of organising a cricket game but it was good that nothing eventuated as it was 30 degrees (0 celsius) and very wet!

We decorated our house with flags with a big one on the flagpole (built into the side of the garage) and little ones on the mailbox and in some pots on the verandah. The three of us watched the tennis and made lamingtons together. So overall we had a good time. If only we had the day off tomorrow! We'll just have to wait for Independence Day!

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cafedave said...

well, we can sort of empathise: we spent a slab of the public holiday watching the 1940's movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy", followed by the West Wing, so it was a bit cross-cultural for us too.

saturday, though, was a bbq in the sun, surrounded by friends, and listening to the JJJ hottest 100 countdown.