Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Product of the week - Monopoly

Whilst in Asheville (Western NC) we stopped into a famous old department store called the Mast General Store. It's full of hiking equipment, traditional clothing and 'old-timey mercantile'. We came across this National Parks version of Monopoly and decided we had to get it as the Great Smoky Mountains are in the position of Mayfair. There are 'mammals' and birds' cards, tents and ranger stations instead of houses and hotels, and the playing pieces include a camera, a canoe and a hiking boot. Don't get caught littering in the park or you'll receive a large fine!

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Julie said...

That's pretty cool! Have you had a chance to play the regular American version yet? It wasn't until Matt and I were in London last year that I realised that all the street names are different to the ones we grew up with, and that he was missing out on the fun of walking the streets from Monopoly.