Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More Christmas madness

I know this post is little late but I wanted to record some more of the differences in Christmas traditions between the US and Oz.
  1. It's cold (duh!)

  2. Christmas tree decorations must be colour co-ordinated (all red, all silver, all green etc)

  3. Every family bakes hundreds of Christmas cookies to give out to friends

  4. When attending Christmas events (including church services near Christmas) it is compulsory to wear red or an appropriately designed Christmas themed sweater

  5. Most houses are decorated with either a wreath on every window of their house (our neighbour has 15 wreathes with red ribbons on his house not including the front door) or a battery lit candle in every window (said neighbour has these as well)

  6. The lyrics to 'Let it snow' make sense in Seattle - "Oh the weather outside is frightful"

  7. Crackers are unusual to have at Christmas (mostly used at NYE)

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