Thursday, 31 January 2008

Busy bees

It's the end of January already. We are so busy living life there isn't much time for blogging.

Yesterday Lucy and I spent the day outside playing in the sand pit. It was nearly 70 degrees so we were in tshirts soaking in the sun. Once again I can only say the weather is extremely variable! And it was so nice outside yesterday we ignored the computer and just played together! Today however we will be spending time indoors reading books.

We are all tired this week as last night we had a games night with bible study at our house playing Scattergories (it is amazing how many categories were US-centred!) and the night before attended the Yahweh Center Third Annual Blue Ribbon banquet with Michael Reagan guest speaking. I got a cool flower arrangement from the table (note that it is a double vase). Each garden club member donated a unique arrangement and there were truly some amazing ones there. Michael Reagan was very inspirational and I bought his book 'Twice Adopted'.

Tomorrow Lucy and I are going to a dress party and Sunday is Super bowl night.

Now I just need to find 3 consecutive days to potty train Lucy!

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erika said...

you're not expecting toilet training to be over in 3 days are you?