Sunday, 20 January 2008

Temperature range: 0 - 4 degrees celsius

It was supposed to snow after midnight but we lucked out. It is pretty cold at the moment but we are snuggly warm with the heating on, hot chocolates in hand (Williams Sonoma of course) and hours upon hours of tennis to watch. We get lots of coverage of the Australian Open on ESPN2 so we have seen lots of the five set matches including Federer, Fish, Blake, Hewitt and my favourite match Kohlschreiber vs Roddick. And given some of the crazy scheduling of matches we have been able to watch them live during the day! So its been fairly quiet here apart from some nail biting tennis. We made a 12 egg pav for church luncheon today, followed up by some fresh custard that Lucy and Andrew made together. We also braved the rain and cold yesterday for an Indochine feast with an excellently behaved toddler. But apart from those adventures we've been camped upstairs in the TV room cheering. Amazing Race finale in 1 hour!!

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cafedave said...

sounds like fun, as long as there's no need to go outside.

i can empathise with the TV watching: my brother loaned me all 7 seasons of the west wing, and i'm trying to make a dent in them before college goes back. it's not too hard, with no internet access at home.