Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Garden project 1: White cedar border

We have a very tall 6 foot fence across our backyard. It is not pretty but we are very thankful for the fence given the 'beach' backyard behind us. (Not many houses in Wilmington have fences so most backyards are conjoined and it is not unusual to come face to face with neighbours eating their dinner) So to hide the fence we decided to plant a row of white cedars. We decided on white cedars as 1. they are evergreen, 2. they grow fast to make a great screen and 3. they don't mind boggy soil. Our neighbour Jim told us that they are native to the area so they should do fine. So my lovely husband dug 28 holes during March in anticipation of our trees arriving in April. He then planted them all after clearing out much bamboo and other mess. The trees arrived in large boxes via UPS from MI and so far they seem to be doing well. We are looking forward to a lovely green screen.


John & Teresa said...

It will look great. What do you mean by 'beach' backyard?

Fiona said...

their backyard is all sand