Thursday, 15 May 2008

Garden project 2: Herb garden

Our herb garden is very unique. Not only did we design it ourselves but we completed the project from start to finish in 7 days! This is unusual as our projects usually drag on for a long time but Andrew was so motivated he worked on the pavers until 10pm one night. It is fairly large with a 14 foot diameter.

After discovering this lovely bird bath at Stone Garden whilst looking at pizza oven stones I immediately imagined a circular herb garden. One week later I am picking fresh herbs to saute veal in olive oil with crispy sage leaves. The herb garden includes sage, rosemary, coriander (cilantro), parsley, oregano, basil, mint (some regular mint, some chocolate mint), and thyme. Now you know why I was posting earlier about translating herb names into Amlish!

Project construction

25 April - Marked out the circular garden bed

27 April - Dug out the grass and bought the bird bath

29 April - Filled bed with cow manure and soil

30 April - Bought herbs at Pender Pines

2 May - Bought pavers at Adams products, laid pavers

3 May - Planted herbs and a single circle of red dahlias

Someone remarked at Lucy's party that it looks like a pizza which is very ironic as the primary purpose of the herbs is to make great pizza! Photo 1: you can see the orange flags marking out the circle, Photo 2: cow manure and soil in situ, Photo 3: completed herb garden (without mulch)


John & Teresa said...

That is truely a tremendous effort and it looks great and tastes even better

Anonymous said...

what a great job... makes me think I should get a hurry on with our garden... and the pizza aesthetic is a classic - even though unintentional!

Katrinajulie said...

Awesome, looks great! Can't wait to taste the pizza's!