Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Garden project 4: Flower garden

This project unlike the first three is in the front yard. We have 5 large garden beds and whilst most are planted with evergreen shrubs there are quite a few 'holes'. One of the beds (left) was a blank canvas except for the large ornamental pear tree in the middle.

You'll have to wait for late summer for some better photos as there isn't much to see yet (though there is nice promising growth especially with the ice plants at the front flowering) We do have a red hot poker that has grown in another bed and it is gradually changing from green to orange to red.

Here is the planting list:
  • black eyed susans

  • pink coneflowers

  • green rudbeckias

  • ice plants

  • butterfly bushes

  • red hot pokers

  • purple liatris

  • diamond grass

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PHOTO said...

Love your gardens.