Friday, 16 May 2008

Garden project 3: Shady garden

We have a shady garden along the side of the house where the airconditioning unit is located. Nothing much grew there and we pulled out about 25 roofing tiles that had been dumped and were rotting. In their place we have planted five red 'cardinal' hydrangeas and four 'loyalist' hostas.

I didn't think any of them had grown much until I looked at this original planting photo and compared them to the photo from today. The hydrangeas look great with many more leaves and have flower heads that are beginning to form. The hostas have sprouted their glossy varigated leaves and are beginning to take the form of a plant (having been planted as bare rooted bulbs) This garden is looking surprisingly good for an area receiving no sunlight.

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John & Teresa said...

These healthy red hydrangeas will look great against your white house.