Thursday, 1 May 2008

More Amlish

Here are some new words for you:

bangs = fringe

bathing suit = swimming costume

Here are some new pronounications:

oregano is pronounced oreg-a-no not ore-gano

baton is pronounced ba-ton not bat-on

basil is pronounced bay-sil not bas-il

herbs is pronounced erbs

Barossa was pronounced Ba-row-sa not Ba-ross-a (I corrected this at the wine shop!)

And in other news when we were at Subway Andrew said 'tomaytoes' not tomatoes. I was so embarrassed! He claimed it was so that the person could understand him more easily. I quickly countered with the fact that I said tomatoes and was perfectly understood. However I had to say oreg-a-no after saying oreg-ano twice did not work. Aaaahhhhhh! I thought flashing lights would turn on and someone would jump out and say 'You're on candid camera' but the reality was far more tame and no one else noticed my mortification.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

You can also say swim suit which I like much better than bathing suit. That sounds like dressing for the bathtub or shower.

I love the history of words and their pronunciations though.