Friday, 2 October 2009

3 weeks to go and counting

It's been a long time between vacations. For regular readers of this blog you'll realise that this has been killing me. Our last family vacation was this time last year when we visited the New England area and celebrated that great Hawthorn victory! (Last year was a great year for travelling as we visited the Outer Banks, Washington DC and Boston)

This year Henry arrived (yay!) so we have just one vacation planned but it is a big one! Big as in very exciting and very expensive: very exciting for the 3 year old and very expensive for the parents. We're heading to Disneyworld in Florida in a few weeks time. It is our once in a lifetime trip to Disneyworld so we are going all out. Along the way we're going to explore Savannah GA, Tampa FL and Atlanta GA. We'll be adding two states to our 'visit all 50 US states' quest (updated tally: 20 states) and we will be visiting our friends Jackie, Tim, Ben and Mitchell.

There is much planning to be done in the next 3 weeks. Aaahhhh!!! Sleep Henry Sleep! Ideas welcome - so feel free to leave comments on Florida and Georgia.


BKR said...

Bring comfortable walking shoes!

Teresa and John said...

I would be counting the days too. I've heard from a few people that its alot of fun for all.