Wednesday, 30 June 2010

San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio is a very fun place to visit (though I hear that outside of the centre there is not much else to visit and sadly in fact we witnessed a lot of homelessness on our drive out of the city)

The riverwalk is quite unique and we walked the entire loop enjoying the sights. The walk is well landscaped so there is quite a bit of shade to keep out the heat. There are also plenty of geocaches around the place. Our hotel's breakfast area looked straight onto a stretch of river which was quite relaxing even if your one year old boy is throwing cheerios everywhere and smearing vegemite in his hair.

Of course we visited The Alamo, the scene of a famous shoot out. It is revered as a defining moment in US history despite the carnage because it lead to later victories. For Australians it reminds me of Gallipoli because the men fought despite the high likelihood of death. Interestingly Davy Crockett was one of the fighters here and there is plenty of memorabilia.

We ate dinner at Fogo de Chao, an authentic Brazilian steakhouse. The gaucho chefs bring freshly cooked meats to the table (up to 15 types of meat). We enjoyed the extensive salad bar and then partook of the meat. Andrew finished his meal three separate times ie he was finished and then the lamb chef happened to show up twice more at our table.

We visited Hemisfair Park to eat at the 750 foot tall Tower of the Americas, a revolving restaurant build for the world fair of 1966. Although it was a fun place to eat there really wasn't much to see from up there, especially compared to Seattle, Berlin and Sydney!

Another highlight was the hotel's rooftop pool. You can see the Tower of the Americas in the background. Lucy and Henry had a great time up here despite the 100+ heat.

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