Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Travel Quests

As loyal readers may know, our family has a couple of travel quests in progress. Here's an update:

Visit all four tennis Grand Slam events
. Check. We attended the French Open and Wimbledon in 2003. We visited the Australian Open and the US Open in 2004. We re-visited the US Open in 2007 to see the men's final on a balmy Sunday night and enjoyed Federer defeating Djokovic (and thus winning his 4th consecutive US title). Although this quest is complete we would never turn down another opportunity to attend a tennis event.

Visit all major Guggenheim museums around the world
. In progress. So far we've visited the museum in the following cities: New York, Venice, Berlin, and Las Vegas. The biggest and best, Bilbao, we have left until last (though not intentionally). It is high on our list of priorities to get to Spain.

50 states of the USA
. In progress. We've visited 23 states. Some for a few hours, others we have literally spent years in. I've mapped out a brief plan for visiting the remaining 27. I think we can do it in roughly 9 vacations which seems like quite a lot. Two weekends away could get us another 5 states. Then the rest are long haul trips.

We were hoping to get to DC this Labor Day long weekend but instead we're staying home and maybe doing some camping. Stay tuned.

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dr maya vale said...

Hiya! Good to see that the travel quests are still being pursued so vigourously! I'm planning on catching the train from Chicago to Seattle next year - are any of those states still on your to-do list? I've given myself a 20-year time limit to do all 50 states... it'd be interesting to maybe catch up with you all and knock a couple over together! God bless and keep well!