Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fiona's Birthday

Unlike prior years I wasn't all that excited about my birthday. I guess it had something to do with being fat and unable to imbibe champagne. Alexis called me for an intervention and I started to get excited.

The day dawned clear and bright and despite being winter it turned out to be 75 degrees (25 celsius) It was so beautiful which made it really feel like my birthday. I was born at the end of summer in Australia and it just doesn't feel right to have an end of winter birthday in the US.

Andrew, Lucy and Henry surprised me with lots of presents including a new handbag, a board game, candles, a soup pot, and Iron Chef panko.

We went out for brunch at Boca Bay and then we spent the afternoon playing outside. As you can see in the photo I got to spend a couple of hours reading in the sun. After dinner we enjoyed the awesome birthday cake Andrew and Lucy had made.

Later in the week Alexis organised a mom's night out at Aubriana's where I got to celebrate again. I loved the crab and lobster cake, non-spinach salad (long story) and chocolate peanut butter pie complete with candle and singing.


chan said...
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chan said...

I had to remove the last comment due to horrific spelling errors!
Im so glad you had a wonderful day.
Cant wait till we can share your birthday with you again.
Happy you were spoilt and got to spend the day doing some things you love. And you look fantastic!!

Carrie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!