Monday, 4 April 2011


I know its been a while.

We've been at birthday parties, working on our garden, and going to Raleigh.

I've been batch cooking everyday to get a stack of meals ready in the freezer. Andrew bought an upright freezer from Costco the other week before our trip to Trader Joe's. [Can I just say how much better an upright freezer is over a chest freezer?] It is now full of meals and each day I'm adding a few more as I cook. The kids enjoyed playing in the freezer box!

Lucy & Henry's scrapbooks
are up to date! I've reduced my current reading pile from 5 to 3 and resisting the temptation to add more.

The baby is less than 3 weeks away! The cross stitch is in progress. I'm watching a lot of movies on Netflix to try and get it done and soon we'll be converting to an 'instant-only' membership. No bibs sewn at this point.

The baby is healthy and on Wednesday was measured at 7lbs and 9oz. Head already 33cm.

Here's some photos from the past few weeks:

Top Left: Both in the naughty corner for hair pulling. Top Right: Cooking home-made wontons.

Bottom left: Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh. Bottom Right: Nudie dancing

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chan said...

thanks for the update fiona - appreciate that you have a lot going on right now!!!