Friday, 6 May 2011

Lucy's 5th birthday

Lucy has the best birthdays!! Not only did she have her flamingo party with her friends a few weeks ago, she also had lots of celebrations and p
resents with her family this week.

On Tuesday Adnrew took the day off work to spend time with Lucy. In the morning he took her to the beach to go boogie boarding and then they stopped off for lunch and ice cream at Kornerstone pizza (olives, pineapple and prosciutto) and Fuzzy Peach yoghurt bar.
In the afternoon he played 'birthday party' with her and her many soft toys before he fell asleep on the lounge.

Later in the evening Andrew lit a fire in the pizza oven and we enjoyed s'mores (toasted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers) Then Andrew, Lucy and Henry camped out overnight in the backyard. At 10pm no one was asleep and there were some harsh words!

Early in the morning everyone was awake! Whilst enjoying bacon and eggs Lucy started opening presents. She was very happy to discover a doll's house from her mum and dad, dolls from Felicity and a board game from Henry!

For dinner Lucy requested gyoza (pork potstickers) so we had a Chinese feast followed by the specially requested lemon bundt cake.

I am all-birthdayed-out.


chan said...

wow - im super jealous... i think i might have to come over there for my next birthday!!
everything sounds amazing...
happy birthday lucy!

Fiona said...

you are welcome to visit anytime!! I'll throw you a pizza party.

Anonymous said...

elie is in love with Lucy's presents - she loves busytown too!
Might have to wait until you're back in oz though!
happy birthday lucy!!