Monday, 2 April 2012

Catching a breath...

It's well and truly spring! After a mild and pleasant winter we have emerged into a gorgeous season, albeit one filled with pine pollen. The azaleas are in full bloom (a little too early for the annual azalea festival) and our bottle brush plants (left) have many many flowers.

As I mentioned last time its been a busy time here and one of the reasons is all the crafts that are going on. I'm hoping to start sharing them with you soon!

We have also had SO MUCH SICKNESS. We have been to the doctor pretty much once a week for the past few months. Everyone seems ok at the moment so hopefully all the germs have gone away.

Today we went to the opening day of strawberry picking. In about 10 minutes we had 3 full buckets of big red delicious strawberries. We're going to make a strawberry cheesecake and some strawberry jam. Of course we all ate strawberry ice cream at the farm. Felicity loves ice cream and screams when the person feeding her takes too long between mouthfuls. She loves all types of ice cream and now she can add strawberry to her list of preferred flavours.

We also did some planting and got our herb garden into shape. No vegetables this year because we'll be in Oz during prime time.

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