Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lucy's 6th birthday

I decided this year that Lucy would enjoy an art party.

In that vain we had a rainbow birthday celebration.  Full of colour and fun!

Lucy attended school (in her flamingo dress!) but beforehand she requested a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  She took GF muffins to school to share with her classmates.

I had lunch with Lucy at school in the cafeteria (an eye opening experience!) and then met Lucy at the bus stop with a huge butterfly balloon and purple balloons. The teachers gave her a special birthday hat to wear and a card.

Lucy had lots of fun opening her presents and enjoyed all the arty presents from her family in Australia. We gave her a suitcase among other things with her name on it so that she can travel to Australia in style!

For dinner we had home made GF gyoza plus other Chinese delicacies followed by a lemon bundt cake with strawberry coulis and double cream.

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