Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hawaii - Luau

Our accommodation in Hawaii was in a couple of resorts - far removed from any true Hawaiian culture.  So to get a taste of some authentic Hawaiian food and dance we attended the Old Lahaina Luau. 

We were greeted with mai tais and fresh flower leis and shown to our table.  Henry refused to wear his lei, a plaited leaf necklace but all the girls looked lovely.  Randy, our server gave an introduction to the luau and explained his Hawaiian tattoos.  It turns out we were seated at a table with a Texan couple and a Perth lady traveling with her son.  Somehow in exotic locations we always end up with other Aussies but this time we spent more time talking to the Texans because the Aussie just wanted to talk about Jetstar and vegemite.

The food was served in extremely generous portions and they were very good about providing information to us about the gluten free options and providing extra food for us.  We loved the lomilomi salad (based on salmon) and the poi (based on taro) Henry enjoyed seeing the whole pig being dug out from the cooking pit. And all the kids enjoyed their non-alcoholic lava flow drinks. We certainly weren't lacking for food.

After dinner the dancing started. We were treated to some amazing dancing - those hips could move so fast.  The night was getting late though, we didn't have the best of views and the kids had had enough so we headed out a little early. But certainly glad we had shelled out the big bucks to attend.

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