Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Boston Bite 3 - Food

One of our favourite topics! We like to eat well and are prepared to pay for it. We also do our research beforehand, though this does not always avert disappointment. Here are our top picks for the New England area:

1. Pesce Blue, Portsmouth NH
This was the best restuarant we've been to in ages. Fiona confirmed that she loves lemoncello, Lucy discovered that she loves arancini and Andrew ate a lamb sausage lasagne (lamb being one of the loves of his life). If you're ever in New Hampshire, visit this place! It's even mentioned in the book "1000 things to do before you die".

2. South End Buttery, Boston MA
AWESOME! Great brunch, great cupcakes, great atmosphere. As good as grind! [I'm waiting for the comments on this - cafedave you'll just have to come over for a visit to prove/disprove this statement but check out their website!]

3. Legal Seafoods, Woburn MA
This place got a lot of bad reviews on Chowhound (okay so now you know my restaurant source) but given it is so prevalent and has won so many awards we decided to give it a go. And we were extremely happy. Lucy's fish stick meal came with green beans, watermelon and french fries. This is one of the few places that gave vegies with the meal.

4. Ginger Bread Construction Company, Winchester MA
Lucy loved this place but personally I thought it wasn't gingery enough (and I don't particularly love ginger so this is a big statement, as big as 'as good as grind')

5. Basically British Tea Room, Warren RI
AWESOME! Scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Yes clotted cream. Imported directly from the UK. Love love loved it. Loved the antiques, loved the salads, loved the jasmine pearl tea. Loved the medium sized pot of clotted cream to bring home on the plane.

6. Taranta, Boston MA
Excellent Italian/Peruvian blend of foods located in the North End of Boston. A fitting post-grand final celebatory dinner. We ate early to secure a table in this small but excellent restaurant. Gelato at a local cafe followed.


cafedave said...

it's hard to tell from the website how it compares to Grind, but i did some googling, and it seems like a popular place: was the coffee good, though?

Fiona said...

sorry I didn't have a coffee! and it is hard to remember what grind tastes like!