Friday, 10 October 2008

Boston Bite 5 - the rest

This is the last Boston bite in this series. One of the fun things about New England in October is the fall colour/color. Last year we were able to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville to see the reds and oranges and yellows and this year we were in the right place at the right time to see the same magnificent colours. There's nothing quite so delightful as driving along a country road surrounded by trees adorned with yellowing leaves with wind gently blowing the leaves around the car.

Another highlight of this trip was setting foot in 5 different states (MA, NH, ME, CT and RI) which brings our tally up to 16. There is some debate in our household whether the score should stand at 15 or 16 as in one of the states (Pennsylvania) we only set foot in the airport. But our original criteria was 'setting foot in the state' so I am going with 16.
One thing we noticed about Boston this time was that everyone was wearing gumboots (rain boots). It rained fairly steadily for the first 4 days and we were very sorry that we too did not have gumboots to wear around as our pants got very wet! Whilst it stopped raining in the other states we did experience some cool weather in Connecticut with the mercury getting down to 41F degrees overnight.

Here are some highlights from the rest of the trip that didn't quite fit into the other categories:
Visiting the dahlia garden in Elizabeth Park, Hartford CT

Visiting the Peabody Essex museum and Witch museum, Salem MA (the latter being highly overrated in my opinion)

Shopping at Stride Rite, Skechers and Hanna Anderson at the Kittery Factory Outlets, Maine

Crossing the Old North Bridge, Concord MA (this is where the first shots were fired by the newly formed American army)

Joining a Harvard tour, Cambridge MA

Exploring the art-nouveau jewellery exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA due to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum being closed. Not quite the same excitement as the Hopper exhibit last time but we still fun all the same.

Watching some Imax movies - Grand Canyon, U2

Viewing the Boston skyline from our hotel room at the airport


dr maya vale said...

YAY! 41F degrees!!!

I'm *so* jealous... It's starting to get warmer here in sunny Melbourne and my last visit to Sydney underlined my dislike of 33C degrees weather in October... Hmmm.

I miss you. God bless and keep blogging! (I wish I would...)

Fiona said...

i wish you would blog more too!

Katrinajulie said...

hey whats on Lucy's feet in the brown pants???

Fiona said...

they are wet, what did you think???