Monday, 30 March 2009

Life keeps rolling on...

Life hasn't gotten less busy. But it has gotten warmer.

This weekend was a continuation of the gardening from last weekend, in between rain storms. More vegetables planted, more pine needles cleaned up, more bulbs planted etc etc Lucy had a ball splashing in the mud. Once the mud got inside her gumboots they were quickly discarded and she just kept running around barefoot. She was excited that her sandpit is back out in the yard filled with clean sand and spent a lot of time in it.

On Saturday night we had an awesome Mexican dinner at the Penny's. Charlie, Andrew and Lucy put on a puppet show for the adults. It was so fun to watch! Lucy didn't really understand what was going on but she just kept copying the boys and running around squealing with happiness. She couldn't stop talking about the puppets afterwards.

The highlight of the weekend was Sunday brunch at Deluxe to celebrate Alexis' birthday! Yay for friends, presents and devils food cake!!!

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