Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A surprise diagnosis

Blogging has been non-existent lately due to busyness. Mostly general life busyness of dentists, doctors, friends illnesses, furniture repairs, playdates, gardening, travel agent meetings etc. However there has been one big reason for not blogging - a surprise diagnosis.

A couple of weeks ago Andrew was diagnosed with diabetes. It came as somewhat of a shock as he is not overweight nor is there a family history. [Though I must note that before our wedding I told Andrew that if he got self imposed diabetes from his terrible sugar diet that I was reneging my marriage vows. When he phoned me from the doctors office to tell me he had diabetes (which we had suspected) I immediately reassured him that I was NOT reneging my vows]

And just so that you know, diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar.

We are going through a large adjustment period. We LOVE food. We especially love desserts. But not enough to make one of our family members sick nor enough to switch to artifical sweeteners and give ourselves cancer (and yes I do believe the artificial stuff is extremely bad for you, check out the miniscule testing conducted prior to FDA approval).

So we are going through the process of working out meal plans and reading a lot about diabetes. It is going to take us some time to adapt. Desserts are out, salads are in and pizza bases will be whole wheat. Given Andrew's terrible diet and his penchant for sugar God has been gracious in helping him to go cold turkey in giving it all up. He is even eating salad for lunch every day! Can you believe it? I hardly can but I am thankful that we are now fighting over the last bits of salad in the bowl at dinner time.

I've turned comments off on this post. If you want to talk to us about this issue, email us directly. I'll attempt to start blogging again next week.