Monday, 27 July 2009

Weekend happenings

This weekend was a fun one for us and the start of a new kind of normal for our family. The fun all started on Friday with a special playdate at Jackie and Ben's for Lucy. She had a fun and crazy 2 hours with her friends Ben, Lilia and Dominic whilst I had a two hour lie down at home (after I had organised the termite inspection guy to look around the house) On Friday afternoon our good friend Betsy (who looked after Lucy from 3am during Henry's birth) came over for a visit and a chat.

On Saturday we abandoned our regular pancake breakfast and headed out to Sweet & Savoury. The great thing about this place is that you always bump into friends and this day was no exception as we saw the Goss family & Fanie, and Kate. Whilst we were tempted to then ride over to the beach we resisted as it just would have been too much! In the afternoon I headed over to Alexis' house for a baby shower for Jackie. I made a diaper cake with a safari theme (photo above) and it was surprisingly easy to make - it took longer to plan and shop for than to put together. It was a lovely afternoon tea and the hostess with the mostess put on a great party. I won the word game so went home with a lovely Vera Bradley purse. Henry who was the only male present behaved like a gentleman for most of the time.

On Sunday we headed to church for the end of summer mission service - part rock concert, part church service. Afterwards we offered to make Lucy pancakes for lunch but she wouldn't have any of it as she insisted that pancakes can only be eaten for breakfast. Lucy then had a 3 hour nap, Henry had a 2.5 hour nap and I had a 2 hour nap whilst Andrew worked on the pizza oven to finish all the tiling. At 5pm Bill & Mary Lou (Poppy and Grammy Lou) came over with dinner and we had a lovely time catching up and eating together. Lucy was showing off to the maximum as the poor girl feels starved of attention. She makes up the most amazing songs and today she made up one about Jesus taking her to the moon.

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BKR said...

I was honored to be asked :) Glad I could be there. Love ya'll!

(How's that for Southern Americanized?) ;)