Friday, 1 January 2010


Happy New Year to everyone! We had a great time last night at the Lingenfelters. Although it was raining, so that we couldn't have the much anticipated bonfire, we had a great time talking and playing board games. At midnight we toasted the new year and let off a few (legal) fireworks. Now, except for Henry we are all grouchy from lack of sleep. Maybe I should say that Lucy and I are grouchy as Andrew is still asleep - I hope he repays the favour so I can have an uninterrupted nap this afternoon! The blog is taking a couple of weeks vacation so that we can get organised for the year ahead. Come back later in January and get the lowdown on all the board games we got for Christmas!


dr maya vale said...

Happy New Year!

BKR said...

Fiona, it's been so long. I hope you and family are well. Love!