Monday, 25 January 2010

It's been a while...

so what have you missed?

  • We got a new dishwasher. The old one leaked every time it was used and on occasion the door had to be belted with a hammer! Since we moved in 3 years ago we have kept the door together with duct tape. I literally LOVE the new one. It must be the quietest dishwasher on earth as I can't even tell if it is on unless I look at the front panel.
  • Henry started crawling. We are investing in gates
  • Deb & friends from Australia visited, had dinner with us and played some board games. My cousins Darren & Lisa also toured through Wilmington but didn't get to stop in.
  • The weather was freezing! The bird bath turned into an ice skating rink. We have returned to a more normal 'cold' with a couple of hot days thrown in last week.
  • Lucy and Henry were sick twice. The second time Henry got RSV resulting in bronchiolitis. We didn't get much sleep last week and he uses a nebuliser twice a day - not a fun task for a 6 month old
  • We made LOTS of doctor and dentist visits. The most interesting being Lucy and I visited an allergist Dr Yip to see if we are allergic to seafood (and other things for Lucy). Surprisingly, at this point, neither of us is allergic.
  • My friend Amy announced that her family is moving to VA this year. Boo!!!
  • 31 used books trickled in to our home to start my 2010 reading list
  • We were supposed to become church members on Jan 17 but Henry was sick, then Jan 24 but I was sick so we are aiming for next week Jan 31 barring any more sickness
  • Lucy started saying the the word fast as 'faaast' instead of 'farst'
  • Henry received his US passport. We are in the process of registering him as an Australian citizen (more complex than the US passport) before we can apply for an Oz passport
  • Our US visas expired on 22 January. Our new visas arrived at the last minute on 22 January and we spent many many hours at the DMV getting new drivers licences. That place is seriously straight from a Kafka novel. Read 'The Trial' and you'll get an idea of the red tape involved.
I think that's it in a nutshell. Regularly blogging will hopefully commence again but we'll see - there are still lots of nebuliser treatments to go.


Carrie said...

Happy New Year and welcome back! It sounds like you've been very busy. Your blog remains one of my favorite to read though and I am glad to see new posts.

My friend Mary Beth,

is posting lots of recipes to get out of her cooking "rut" as she refers to it. As I am also trying new recipes (but not really blogging about them) it must be a coast to coast theme!

Fiona said...

Thanks Carrie! I'm glad you like the blog. I don't have lots of readers but I am just trying to keep a record of our time here in the US. It has gone by so fast already that I'm glad I've put things into writing.