Thursday, 18 March 2010

Board Games 15: Bohnanza

This is my all-time favourite game! A big statement but its going to take an awesome game to knock this one off its number 1 status. (In my opinion it is better than Ticket to Ride but they are quite different games and both excellent) We've played this game A LOT. The majority of games have been two handed but twice at parties we've managed to get seven people playing and once we had five. It is so much fun with lots of people and lots of trading goes on. The two person version is good but not nearly as much fun as the bigger one. The aim of the game is to plant bean fields with lots of beans of the same type in order to earn gold coins. He with the most coins winneth. Although this card game comes in a small box it defies its size in the fun that it produces.

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cafedave said...

I guess when H is big enough to play board games it's going to be a greatly different experience!