Friday, 12 March 2010

We're still alive!

Thanks Carrie for your comment. Yes we are still here and no I didn't get a salmon cake for my birthday (in fact this year it was a very lovely butter cake with lots of icing) It's just the usual life busyness keeping me away from writing. Lucy has had strep this week. Although she has been great about it this time it has been exhausting keeping Lucy and Henry separated. My babysitter was sick the week before and various other things have been going on including welcoming cousin Edward to the world. Suffice to say that I will try to get back next week, though I still have the New Bern post hanging over my head.

We have big Easter plans coming up! Only 14 days until Auntie Kat arrives from London, 22 days until Nanna, Grandpa and Uncle Michael arrive from Australia and 23 days until Henry's baptism.

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